Letter from the Recruitment Chair


Thank you for showing an interest in Greek Life and this year's formal recruitment! Here are some ways that you can learn more about formal recruitment and how to learn about all three sororities that we have on campus, including us!

·      Visit the UWEC Greek Life Website to learn a little bit about each sorority on your own.

·      Check out the recruitment tab Recruitment Tab on the UWEC Greek Life Website to see what events during the beginning of the semester we’ll be at to learn more about Greek Life in person.

·      You can also get in contact with one of these three ladies for more information as well:

   PanHellenic President, Nicole Jossart- jossarna6501@uwec.edu

   PanHellenic Recruitment Chair, Lauren Muhlenbruck- muhlenlk8172@uwec.edu

   PanHellenic advisor Kristin Schumacher- schumakf@uwec.edu

My name is Andrea, and I serve as the Membership Recruitment Director for Sigma Sigma Sigma. Joining a Sorority was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my college career and I’m so glad you have an interest in it too. After joining in the Spring semester of 2015, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend national leadership programs and serve on our executive board for two years. Along with the leadership opportunities I’ve made lifelong friendships and countless memories with all my sisters. 

There is a place for every single woman here in UW-Eau Claire’s Greek Life and we hope you find your perfect fit!

Thank you for your interest,

Andrea Mader