New Member Program

The New Member Experience is based on Tri Sigma’s mission, vision and values. Our mission statement challenges us to establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop in them strong womanly character, and impress upon them high standards of conduct.  We strive to achieve this by providing exceptional experiences that empower our members to change the world.  The new member program is grounded in these tenets. 

  • The ideal new member program is 6-8 weeks; however, it will never exceed 8 weeks. 
  • The program is designed to educate new members on Tri Sigma's history, values, and operations, as well as provide the opportunity to develop valuable leadership and academic success skills. 
  • Guided online sessions complement weekly in-person group meetings.
  • A Big Sis is paired with each new member to help her navigate the new member period and serve as a mentor throughout college.
  • New members will also have responsibilities that mirror those of the initiated members. This can include study hours, participation requirements, a financial commitment, the opportunity to hold leadership positions, and a responsibility to uphold the values and standards of Tri Sigma. These responsibilities continue throughout the collegiate membership experience.

Questions about the new member experience? Contact the chapter's Vice President of New Member Education.

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