Why Tri Sigma: Member Statements

“I was very involved in high school and wanted to continue being involved. The philanthropies mean a lot to me and I'm glad I get to be part of them.”

-Emily Newell, Joined Fall 2017

“Tri Sigma is where I found an environment filled with people that not only made me feel comfortable but supported always.  It has given me so much and I couldn't imagine being a part of anything else.”

-Courtney Diedrick, Joined Fall 2017

“I chose Sigma because I love that I can be myself and am still accepted.”

-Nicole Fraser, Joined Fall 2017

“Because I found my home away from home and met some of the my best friends that I know that I’ll cherish my moments with.”

-Kelly Schneider, Joined Fall 2017

“My majors are male dominated so I wanted a group of girls that I could always go to!”

-Kaylie Bernard, Joined Spring 2018

"I joined Greek life because, as a transfer student, I was looking for a group of friends. I picked Tri Sigma because I felt comfortable and welcome." 

-Gabby Liszka, Joined Fall 2018      

 “I joined Tri Sigma because of the connections I made during recruitment. There were also so many leadership opportunities that I loved.”

-Cassidy Hempel, Joined Fall 2018

 “The beginning of my college career was really tough and I didn't have any deep connections with anybody. I wanted to branch out and find my best friends and that's exactly what I did!”

-Emily Skoog, Joined Fall 2018

“I joined Tri Sigma as a junior in order to expand my group of friends and also have more leadership opportunities.”

-Megan Boland, Joined Fall 2018

“I came to college not knowing anyone and wanted to step out of my comfort zone and meet new people.”

-Taylor Beres, Joined Fall 2018

“In the beginning of my Freshman year, I struggled to create connections with people on campus and finding an amazing support system has helped me find my home away from home.”

-Vanessa Calica, Joined Fall 2018

 “I joined Tri Sigma because I wanted to do outside of my comfort zone and meet new people. Everyone in Tri Sigma was very welcoming and I felt I could be myself around all the girls."

-Olivia Williams, Joined Spring 2019

“I transferred schools and was looking to find some community in Eau Claire. During recruitment, the girls seemed sweet so I knew I could find a place in Tri Sigma.”

-Erika Drake, Joined Fall 2019

“I chose Tri Sigma because I felt an immediate connection with the sorority’s philanthropy and members during recruitment. My sister was in Tri Sigma at Winona and I’ve heard wonderful things from her as well.”

-Lily Egan, Joined Fall 2019

“I chose Tri sigma because I felt I could be myself around the girls, I also felt so welcome the first time I walked into a room of sigma’s!”

-Riley Cox, Joined Fall 2019

"I wanted to join Tri Sigma not only because there seemed to be a lot of leadership opportunities, but I also wanted a great friend and support group as well."

-Ellie Raddatz, Joined Fall 2019

“The women are down to earth and friendly!”

-Madyson Studenec, Joined Fall 2019



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